Bai, Pollock, Blueweiss and Mulcahey, P.C. has developed a strong reputation as one of the premier firms in Connecticut handling Commercial Litigation matters, representing clients in a wide variety of commercial matters, including construction matters, business disputes, contractor/subcontractor actions and indemnity claims. Our skilled litigators provide essential services such as on-site investigation and consultation, prompt development of defense strategies and aggressive discovery procedures, along with premium litigation skills at trial.

Attorney Raymond J. Plouffe has extensive experience in commercial litigation and is able to guide clients through the many complicated issues arising from commercial disputes and litigation.   Our firm’s litigation philosophy is to aggressively pursue or defend claims on behalf of our clients while recognizing the benefit of early case resolution in order to limit the impact on the daily business activities and operations of our clients.  We are aware that litigation and investigations can be highly disruptive so we work with our clients to minimize their internal impact and, in certain cases, find solutions through mediation and arbitration.  We recognize that commercial litigation can be expensive, so we are also vigilant in exploring settlement options with our clients without compromising our clients’ legal standing.

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