At Bai, Pollock, Blueweiss and Mulcahey, P.C., we appreciate how deeply personal and sensitive probate matters can be.  Our skilled attorneys are available to assist our clients in all their probate related matters.  From will preparation to estate and trust administration, our firm stands ready to guide clients through the probate process and the difficult task of asset distribution, including drafting of probate documents and appearing in the various probate courts in Connecticut.  We also work with clients to help them designate appropriate guardians for their minor children, conservators for the sick or elderly, or attorneys-in-fact for those situations where assistance is needed.  Additionally, we provide legal guidance and services in the drafting of living wills and health care directives.  Our goal is to perform quality legal work while never losing sight of the family bonds and emotions that undoubtedly arise in this practice area.

In those unfortunate circumstances where the probate process becomes contentious, we utilize our expert litigation skills to represent clients in will contests, appeals and other evidentiary proceedings.  While we will always zealously represent our clients in such proceedings, we recognize that settlement and resolution are often preferred by those involved, so we look for opportunities to secure voluntary resolution without compromising our clients’ legal interests.

Whatever the need, our firm is ready to assist our clients in all aspects of the probate process.  For more information, please contact Michael S. Lynch at