Bai, Pollock, Blueweiss and Mulcahey’s trial attorneys are leaders in Connecticut civil litigation, achieving success at trial and at all stages of litigation, including matters involving product designers, manufacturers, assemblers, distributors, and sellers of a variety of products.  Led by Raymond J. Plouffe, Jr., we have favorably handled sensitive and complex claims on behalf of our clients involving a variety of product types including ladders, gym equipment, snow blowers, lawnmowers, industrial protective clothing, heating pads, appliances, kitchen and household appliances, packaging materials, chemicals, mechanical equipment, foods and beverages.

When defending products liability, including asbestos claims, we recognize the significance of implementing winning defense strategies to promote the continued success and profitability of our clients.  It is our philosophy to aggressively defend products suits so as to discourage frivolous claims and to encourage, where appropriate, cost effective early resolution with the least possible impact on the day-to-day businesses of our clients.

Our attorneys also zealously represent our clients against claims of injuries to person or property due to alleged defective products, asbestos and mold.

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